About Amanda

A`manĀ“da Lane person. photographer: sebastopol.

Born in Holland of English/Dutch descent, photographer Amanda Lane took her formal photographic training at the Royal College of Art, London. Her degree show contained intimate portraits and landscapes, all beautifully printed. Whilst at the RCA Amanda specialized in 19th Century printing techniques and became an expert in fine printing, acting as a consultant for many photographers. Sensitized to the chemicals, Amanda was awarded a scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, presented by Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 to transform all her skills to Digital. Since graduating with a Master’s Degree Amanda has accepted commissions from Vogue, The Sunday Times, corporate institutions and private portraits. The commissions utilize her skills as a photographer and draw upon her printing expertise, thus making her work quite unique. 

Amanda currently lives in Sebastopol with her 8 year old daughter Sophia accepting local commissions from wineries & other companies, building a body of work that supports and reflects local & sustainable food economies. Exhibiting in restaurants and Tasting Rooms, Camera Locavora was created to support Farm to Table, bringing Art to a “room full of local eaters”

portrait by Bernadette Howard